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Applied Numeric Control is a dynamic versatile Australian company that designs and produces automated solutions for small to medium sized workshop equipment for education and light industry. With over 20 years experience in CNC control Systems, our facilities boast of modern mechanical, electronic, software  and manufacturing capabilities. All technology is designed and Produced by us in Adelaide so we are not a second party to unreliable suppliers or support.  Our workshops also use our own controllers so you can be sure they are thoroughly tested. Our leading product is the DIGI9 controller and its Variants that typically control CNC lathes and mills. The controller has also found other applications in surface grinders, numerous industrial process control projects and GPS guidance. The Digi9 controller is designed to be uncomplicated both in terms of its physical layout and the ability to produce, simulate and run a Gcode program.

Typically many machines such as the PC200 lathe or PC300 mill by Hercus or the Adept CIM centre, Boxford, Emco and many more like them have suffered a legacy due to their dependency of early PC technology. The DIGI9 controller is a 21st century design that is comparatively future proof in that it controls the machine without a PC.  We provide a utility that produces G code, simulates and downloads G code to the controller via USB. As this is only a utility (even though it is highly featured) there are no complicated installation procedures, support files or drivers, just an exe file that can be copied to any PC from Windows98 to Windows10. We also fit new or used manual machines with our controller. Think of it, a typical bench top manual lathe or mill is the greater part of a potential CNC machine centre. It is typically physically strong and long lasting and now days surprisingly inexpensive even when brand new, so it makes a lot of sense to have one automated. The DIGI9 controller has a manual pulse generator for each axis and a digital readout which allows the machine to be used manually as well as automatically. Believe us, we often have one off jobbing to do that does not require a Gcode program to be produced  and we can use our machines to do these jobs and as such save on valuable workshop floor space by having 2 machines in the one.

Our Services

We provide the following services:

  • CNC Retrofits
  • New machines
  • Only remaining authority for Hercus CNC machine servicing
  • Service and training sessions for teachers and students  (Police check is available)
  • Sponsors and supporters of the F1 in schools competitions
  • Buying and selling used machines
  • Dedicated process control projects
  • CNC machining